Monday, June 4, 2007

Wanna buy my TV?

Each day we get closer and closer to a world where digital broadcast will edge out traditional networks. The pubs and blogs are all over new partnerships between content and internet providers. Joost isn't the only player out there making some headway. Just today I was reading about Warner, EMI and Apple TV's newest moves.

Warner Music is planning to launch its ENTIRE archive of music videos. FREE. It will be funded by a combination of advertising revenue and user downloads. The service itself will function similar to an online broadcast channel allowing users to sort selections by artist, genre or label. Read more on CNET here.

EMI finalized their deal with YouTube which allows the site to feature their music video collection and artist performances. They join Warner Music, Universal Music, Sony BMG, CBS and the BBC who already have deals with YouTube that allow the online network to feature videos - and compensate artists. Read more on ZDNET here.

Another YouTube partnership is in the works with Apple. AppleTV is planning to launch wirelessly streamed YouTube videos starting in June. YouTube members will be able to log-in from their TVs. The service will only launch with a limited selection to start. I for one am not sold on the whole "Internet on your TV" thing. But who knows... it may have something to do with the fact that my monitor is actually bigger than my TV! Read more on AP here.

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