Friday, October 26, 2007

Taking a Shakespearian ballet to the streets of Amsterdam

Seems like ambient media and SMS wouldn't have been the obvious choice, but thats just what the Dutch National Ballet did for the launch of their new production of Romeo and Juliet.

They used projections of the characters and missing image posters, some of Romeo, some of Juliet, each seeking their counterpart. The telephone number on the poster gives you a pre-recorded message asking for an SMS if they've seen their lost loves.

"This is Juliet. You are listening to my voicemail. If you have the answer to my heart-felt yearning and can tell me where I can find my beloved Romeo, please send me an SMS with details of where you have seen him, so that I can go to him straight away."

Callers who sent an SMS received a text in return from the Dutch National Ballet and pushed users to the website for a chance to win a free set of opening night tix.

What I love about this campaign is the fact that it takes something classic, and brings it to current day through use of new media. I also love how it integrates - each piece linking to the next and providing a pretty unique experience.

I gotta give the ballet company major props for pulling this off. I suspect this wasn't an easy campaign to sell in.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Be our Juke box hero: win $10k in music gear

Cheil and Samsung have just launched our follow-up UGC contest to Upstage. This time around,we're creating a mash-up with independent artists to create a virtual music video jukebox. The winner will walk away with ten thousand bucks in new music gear. So tell all your musically inclined friends to come and submit.

For the non-musically inclined, we have an equally tasty prize for helping us crown our hero by making a playlist.

Here's the links y'all:

The YouTube Contest:
Our Virtual Jukebox and Juke site: