Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am SO back!

Ok, so I know I have at least ONE follower still (*insert thank you to husband here*), I thought I'd take a moment and dust off my blog and take it for a spin. I've had a LOT going on and want to get you up to speed so I can get back into my blogging groove and talk about all the neat things I see going on.

So first, some personal business. A lot of people are really surprised when they hear I'm not at Cheil anymore. I left back in November, my choice mostly was due to my husband arriving from France after a long and tedious fiance visa process. Though our courtship allowed us to travel to many romantic European destinations, I wanted to take some personal time to spend with him help him get situated here in NY. Plus I had only 3 months to plan and have our wedding, which was really small, but really nice.

So, fast forward 3 months later, I'm a happy newlywed now known as Ann Marie Almariei (pronounced AL-MAR-YEY). I'll be having fun changing all my RL papers, not to mention my domain names. So this blog will be folded in with my new web presence once I get everything redesigned.

In my time off, I've been glued to my RSS feeds and doing lots of meet-ups and conferences (the ones I can afford anyway!). I'll be at the 140 Characters Conference in April soaking up some twitter inspiration. I've been seeing some great stuff out there (some you'll find if you follow me on twitter, facebook or delicious). I promise now that I'm blogging again to share a lot more. I have some new ideas about things I want to talk about and do. So I promise there are a few good posts coming soon.

I've also begun looking for new opportunities. The interview process so far has been pretty exceptional. Not because I have the job offers piling in (yet!) but rather because I'm learning a lot just from visiting different people and places and talking about the needs their companies have. Having spent about 5 years at each of the last 3 jobs I've had, I haven't been able to see how many agencies out there work. What I'm most happy to see is it seems the industry is thriving, at least in the digital space. Especially smaller agencies where they can't keep up with the workloads because of all the new business they have coming in. So, enough about that for now. If you know a place you think I should contact, definitely let me know.

Enough waxing poetic (for now), next post will be worth coming back for, I promise.

_ Mrs Almariei \o/