Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A new era? Really?

I got this email this morning from Audi. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE Audi. They've done some great advertising over the years, and I'm an Audi person (I totally love my car). Anyway, back to the email. It's a teaser. For their superbowl spot.

The email reads:

02.03.08 The Dawn of a new era.

Soon, a bold challenge to the tired old myths of luxury will be hitting millions of TV screens across the land.

A new viewpoint. A new way of thinking. A new era.

On February 3rd, you will be sent an exclusive preview of the Audi Super Bowl commercial. You will have a chance to witness the moment that will set the nation talking.

The countdown has started. Don't miss the moment of truth. Audi. Truth in Engineering.

Their website also has a countdown on it. I'm a little disappointed in Audi for sending me an email about the launch of a tv spot *yawn*. And lucky me, I'll get a preview because I'm on their email list. If anyone sees any other advertising related to this, please pass it on - I'm curious now. Stay tuned for news about this 'new era'.

ps. I really hate email

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