Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Who's your Juke Box Hero?

Our latest campaign for Samsung Mobile for the Juke is about halfway through. To promote the uniquely styled music phone aimed at a younger demographic, we partnered with YouTube to create a video juke-box online.

The first half of the campaign called for independent artists to submit a musical performance. The prize is $10k in music gear (not too shabby, huh?). We decided not to go with the traditional YouTube voting, but rather engage the consumer on a deeper level by allowing for playlisting. Users who create playlists can also win prizes like a home theater system and a really cool jukebox (not your mom and dads model - this one has a digital interface and won't look out of place in your livingroom).

We took it up a notch by allowing users to share the videos (and shortly will include your own playlist) in this widget.

So, now that our submission period for indie musicians has ended. Now we look to you, our online judges, to help us crown the Juke Box Hero. I'll be posting my faves ;-)

Check out the website and create your playlist @ samsungjuke.com

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